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The Kid Should See This

Papa by Natalie Labarre

“When an eccentric inventor realizes he’s not a perfect father, he tries to make one.” Papa by animator and illustrator Natalie Labarre. From an interview with her on Idea Rocket Animation:

So, for some reason, most of my art is based on my life. And definitely my father, for some reason. Which drives my mom crazy. She’s like: hello, can you make something about me?! Like I’ve done portraits of him, for fine art. Oil paintings and that was exhibited a little bit. I don’t know, for some reason he inspires me because he’s a total character…

He’s a carpenter by trade, but he’s a great artist and he’s invented machines to help with his work, like upgrades on hand tools and stuff like that…

The monster game in the film—you know, where I’m on his back—that’s real. My drawing on his stuff is real (and I got in big time trouble for that). But as I said, my dad’s a great artist. He would teach me how to sculpt and draw. And whenever I drew something, he’d always say, “Oh it could be worse.” Like that was his mentality. [laughing a little] So I just kept trying to get better so that when I showed it to him, one day he’d say, “That’s amazing!”

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