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Paper airplane aerodynamics explained by a world record-setting designer

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Making a simple paper airplane is fun and easy for all ages, but we don’t usually learn why some paper airplanes work better than others. In this Wired video, origami enthusiast and paper airplane designer John Collins explains the physics that keeps five types of paper airplanes flying and why “paper airplanes can take as much from science as the newest car design.”

thrust, drag, gravity, and lift
Learn about thrust, drag, gravity, and lift, Bernoulli’s Principle, the CoandΔƒ Effect, Newton’s Third Law, wing loading, glide ratio, Reynolds Numbers, turbulent and laminar flow, and more. Collins introduces these physics concepts while comparing five of his paper airplane designs: Dart, Phoenix, Canard, Tube, and the world record-setting Suzanne.

the Suzanne's laminar flow
Collins, aka The Paper Airplane Guy, set the Longest Throw World Record with his Suzanne design, and wrote the popular how-to guide titled The New World Champion Paper Airplane Book.

wing loading
reviewing the paper airplane design
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