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Fold ‘N Fly paper airplane instructions & video tutorials

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From the prolific Fold’n’Fly database of paper airplanes with easy-to-follow folding instructions, learn how to make The Sprinter Acrobatic Paper Airplane, above, and more than three dozen other fun plane designs. Their site and YouTube channel share easy, medium, hard, and expert level paper airplane instructions for kids and adults alike.

Fold a few more paper airplanes with the video tutorials below. Scissors and a ruler will come in handy. Start with The Lock-Back/Bottom plane, an easy design for distance and time aloft:

The Cross Wing Paper Airplane, a small medium-level design:

The fun and differently-shaped Tailed Plane:

The thin, distance-designed Zip Dart for a more challenging fold:

And the super fun Spin Plane that Loops and Twirls:

Then try an expert-level folding design with The Origami Plane:

Follow these videos with the Paper Airplane Guy demonstrating how to fold five paper stunt planes. His design set the Paper Airplane World Record in 2012. We also recommend his best-selling books The New World Champion Paper Airplane Book and The World Record Paper Airplane.

Bonus: How to make an origami Butterfly Ball.

via Open Culture.

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