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Paper flower artist Arnold Drake World

For 11 years, paper flower artist Arnold Drake World has been making paper morning glories, calla lilies, roses, and other flowers from premium quality paper napkins, specifically Tork-brand Premium MB570. He works in the coffee shop at Portland’s Powell’s Books where he can meet with potential customers and admirers. Documentary director Riley Hooper shared World’s botanically-correct work in this 2-minute 2016 profile, in which he advises:

Do something not once, not ten times, not a hundred but a thousand times and then that’ll make you a master of what it is you’re doing.

arnold drake world - paper flowers - riley hooper profile
Oregon Public Broadcasting also spoke with him in 2019:

Arnold World - paper rose
Arnold World - paper callalily

His book, We Don’t Fold We Roll, is on Amazon. He explains:

I started getting interested in paper flowers, and searched the internet to see what resources there were, but discovered there was nothing that gave clear directions on how to make them. I didn’t realize this was my answer, not right away anyhow. I began experimenting on how to create flowers with paper, and over time, became better at this art form. I finally had a gift and a goal, which is to transform plain pieces of napkins and tissues into a replicated flower. My friends say I followed my calling. You could say I found a way to help others.

Now I’m on a mission to make a difference one flower at a time. I had help building my talent by researching how the classic artists, such as Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Fibonacci created their masterpieces. I then applied their principles and formulas to flower making. If you’ve ever seen my step by step guide, you’ll notice that I start out with one petal, and leaf, and build from there, just like a painter will start with one layer, then add another, and another before the painting is complete. In the same way, I can show others how to make the flowers in an easy format. The way I make my flowers is a simple process of tear, roll and wrap using your fingers and a little water for your fingertips. It takes some practice, but I believe anyone can learn this art.

Arnold World - paper flowers
Find more from Arnold Drake World at

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