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Party hacks: How to make paper, edible straws, & leafetti

Ditch some of the waste that comes with throwing a party. These three excellent DIY party hacks are Earth-friendly and fun to make. Expert life hacker Jordyn demonstrates how to make homemade paper invitations, edible party straws from candy, and leaf confetti (leafetti) in the resourceful DreamWorks TV video.

party hacks: making DIY paper
making paper
Needed equipment for paper-making includes scrap paper from the recycling bin, hot water, a spoon, a container, a cheap blender for crafting, seeds, towels, and two splatter guards, pieces of screen, or a mould and deckle. Plus: Scissors and markers.

This Paper Slurry paper-making tutorial and this Instructables tutorial are both great resources.

Required for the other Earth-friendly two hacks: Liquorice or Red Vines, a hole-punch, leaves, and a leafetti-collecting container.

making leafetti
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