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Pass the Ball, a collaborative animation by 40 animators around the globe

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“Idea: 3 second animation of a ball. Pass it to someone in another country. They pick up where you left off.”

This is the concept that director and animator Nathan Boey introduced to 40 animators around the globe. The result: Pass the Ball, a screen-linked animation composed of 40 three-second segments that feature 40 different styles. The experimental short’s collaborative form took 40 months to complete.

pass the ball
pass the ball

“Animators (in order): Nathan Boey, Podenco, Leo Franchi, Vincenzo Lodigiani, Mario Forero, Kaho, Dina Amin, Vickie J Boschiero, Vincent Raineri, Caroline Kjellberg, John Kim, Mert Kizilay, Ilgi Candar Dyer, David Rowley, Wendy Eduarte, Morgan O’Brien, Marcus Bakke, Steve Savalle, Allen Laseter, Andy Gregg, Jaren Tigani, Alex Delker, Tushar Pandey, Ameen, Vishal Varghese, Gaurav Chandrakar, Yat Fung Leung, Lego Lam, Knifeson Yu, Sabine Volkert, Ivyy Chen, Tung Wu, Jin Shen Wong, Brandon Kisereu, Salman Hashmi, Ryan Kane, H. Kristen Campbell, Joe Bichard, Nicholas Luchak, Serkan Goncagul”

pass the ball
Watch more animation work from previously mentioned stop-motion animator Dina Amin on TKSST.

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