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Pass the Salt, an intricate food-themed Rube Goldberg Machine

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Teapots pour. Laptops slide. Apples roll. Ping pong balls hover. Mushrooms and carrots rotate into place. An amazing amount of intricate food-themed contraptions come together to Pass the Salt in this collaboration between quirky Rube Goldberg machine creator Joseph’s Machines and chain reaction YouTuber Sprice Machines.

pass the salt rube goldberg machine
pass the salt rube goldberg machine
How did the screen-linked machine come together? A lot of fails and adjustments. Joseph Herscher notes, “That mushroom was so annoying because it was drying up and kept changing how it rolled the longer it took to film. Took about 10 takes.”

pass the salt rube goldberg machine
After you’ve watched the video above, check out Sprice’s Secrets Revealed video. It goes behind the scenes with how the chain reactions were created, including fails, LEGO wheels for laptops and heavy, hacked apples. A very mild note on language for young viewers at the video’s end.

Next, watch The Lunch Feeder, The Cake Server, and The Lemonade Machine, an epic Rube Goldberg collaboration.

Bonus: Demonstrations of the Coanda Effect.

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