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Pecan – How Does it Grow?

How do pecans grow? And how do you say the word pecan? This True Food TV video answers both questions during a visit to the Georgia’s Hudson Pecan Company. Georgia is number one producer of pecans on the planet despite the nut not being native to that state.

This video about pecans, originally called pakan in Algonquian, is chock full of surprising scenes including a pecan on fire (they’re high in good oils that light them up like a candle), raining pecans (thanks to a tree shaking truck), and lots of pecans traveling on conveyor belts.

Another lesser-known fact: A man named Antoine, an enslaved Louisiana plantation gardener, was the first person to graft pecan trees. His 1846-ish discovery traveled to the Centennial International Exhibition in 1876, the first World’s Fair, and made the commercial pecan industry of today possible.

Watch more vids about blueberries, pumpkins, and cranberries. Bonus: Cherry harvesting with a hydraulic tree shaker.

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This video was posted 3 years ago.

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