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The Kid Should See This

People In Order (2006)

How can you arrange a collection of short interactions with strangers in order to reveal something meaningful about life? In 2006, the UK’s Channel 4 commissioned a series of short films from filmmakers Lenka Clayton and James Price, and they wanted to do just that. “We established what scales we’d look at,”—they chose the universal themes of Age, Birth, Love, Home—”and then chose how each film would be framed. Then it was a case of getting in a campervan and driving round Britain, filming as many people as we could over 4 weeks in February…”

Above, People In Order: 1. Age, a person of every age from one to 100 years in ascending order. Below, People In Order: 3. Love, 48 couples arranged by length of relationship in descending order:

Next: 100 people answer the question, “How old are you?” in Dutch (2012) and a few short films by Everynone, including Yawns and Parabolas (etc).

Plus, previously from Clayton: The Distance I Can Be From My Son.

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