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Personification by The Bazillions

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The flowers danced in the wind. The clock screams in my ear. The sun smiled down on us. All of these are examples of personification, a literary device in which human attributes or qualities are given to non-human entities, abstract concepts, or inanimate objects.

Personification contributes to a more vivid and engaging expression of ideas. For instance, in “the wind whispered through the trees,” personification is used to describe the rustling produced by the wind as it moves through the trees’ leaves and branches. It’s a figure of speech that can activate our senses and imaginations, and help listeners connect with deeper understanding and emotion.

that cake is calling my name

Or as The Bazillions explains in the music video above, personification makes “something come alive with the words that you provide!” Enjoy their animated examples.

the clock screams my name
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