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The intricate, temporary chalk animals of Philippe Baudelocque

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Philippe Baudelocque is a street artist based in France. His intricate chalk work on dark walls around Paris, Marseille, and other cities stops passers-by in the street to regard the varied cosmic patterns that form his drawings.

In the 2012 video above, Baudelocque illustrates a dragon on rue Dragon in Marseille.

Philippe Baudelocque
Much of his work is improvisational; Baudelocque comes to a wall with only chalk and his notebook of simple and mathematical patterns. He likens them to the biological cells, energy, and the universal structures of the animals, plants, fungi, stars, and forms that he illustrates.

His signature element, a galaxy nestled within the drawing, reiterates that theme. Can you spot it in his work?

The first video in this series documents his drawings of crows on Rue Corneille in Marseille.

chalk crow

This hedgehog in Paris is another lovely example:

You can find photos of Baudelocque’s incredible work on or here on Flickr

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