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The Kid Should See This

Homemade marble track demonstrations by science teacher Bruce Yeany

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Science teacher Bruce Yeany uses this collection of physics marble tracks to introduce and reinforce his students’ ideas about perpetual and kinetic energy, motion, acceleration, inertia, and more. The tracks—stringless pendulums, random answer devices, an activation energy analogy, an identical track race, a high road low road track race, and Galileo’s Inertia track—are homemade demonstration tools from his almost four decades of teaching. The metal tracks are precisely bent shelf brackets.

If possible, before he demonstrates each track, pause the video and make a prediction about what will happen.

Yeany explains how to build Galileo’s Inertia track and 16 other demos for physics teachers in his book If You Build It, They Will Learn.

Watch more of his physics demos on this site: Make Lissajous patterns with DIY sand pendulums or light and a home made string shooter & slow moving waves in rope.

via Boing Boing.

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