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Ubiquitous bits of rainbow plastic, a stop-motion elegy

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Little clips, coffee stirrers, combs, caps, curlers, sunglasses, buttons, dice, and more. Watch these ubiquitous bits of rainbow plastic flicker across the screen in beautiful and bewitching configurations.

This short video is a clip from a longer film by Paul Bush, produced with Lana Tankosa Nikolic with music by composer Andy Cowton, featuring “junk plastic collected on beaches, roadsides, and secondhand shops.”

plastic balls
The short was made with support from The West Danish Film Fund and the Arts Council England, and shared by Plastic Change, “a Danish environmental organization working hard to break the exponential growth of plastic pollution on a global scale.”

A fond farewell to that most beautiful material in which our world has become entombed. An elegy to a love-hate relationship of a hundred years. Costing almost nothing, malleable to any shape, soft or hard, transparent or opaque and available in every colour, it was the material of our childhood toys and also of the most technically advanced mechanisms created by mankind. But its strength and indestructibility is its most damaging characteristic…

plastic pieces
plastic sunglasses

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