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Helping a blind white squirrel acclimate to her new home

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Alwyn Wils was caring for animals long before launching the Netherlands-based YouTube channel A Chick Called Albert in 2016. His current menagerie of pets includes a few long-eared Japanese squirrels (Sciurus lis), high maintenance animals that live in a large aviary… except for one.

Wils cares for a blind white Japanese squirrel, “an almost mythical little animal” named Polar who was living in a tiny cage. “She does everything by touch and smell,” Wils explains. “She has been with me for some time now and after some ups and downs she is flourishing.”

This video chronicles the acclimation process for Polar’s move from her small solo cage to the large shared aviary. Would she be able to find her way in a big space with other squirrels around? Wils ‘narrates’ with frequent intertitles.

Polar the blind white Japanese squirrel

Kind of a disclaimer: Squirrels make wonderful pets… yet, I believe animals should not be held in cages. These Japanese squirrels that are living with me would be considered a threat to nature in my country in the wild. Therefore I am not able to set them free.

If you would ever consider owning a squirrel yourself, please, before you do so, read all you can about how to take care of them first. Realise that they need you to play with them as much as you can (at least an hour per day!) and, most important, build an aviary that is as big as you possibly can afford… before you get them.

acclimating the squirrel to a new space
acclimating Polar to new spaces
The video ends on a happy holiday note, with the community of Japanese squirrels searching a tree for treats strung on a specially-made fruit, veggie, and nut-filled garland.

Christmas Tree squirrels
Find Wils on YouTube and Patreon for more content with squirrels and hatching eggs.

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