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How do you pop popcorn? This 16 second New Year’s treat by Zita Bernet and Rafael Sommerhalder of Zurich-based animation studio Crictor suggests that popping kernels one at a time could be a thing. But please don’t try it at home unless it’s animated.

Here’s another playful Crictor short, a 2013 New Year’s message titled Ping Pong:

And from 2007: Egg. What will happen when the egg drops?

Previously from Crictor: This series of Kuratorium shorts.

Explore more popcorn videos next, including Popcorn Under A Microscope and The Physics of Popcorn: Why Popcorn Also Jumps.

Plus, watch It’s different from what you expected – Design Ah! (デザインあ), and from real life: Demonstrations of the Coanda Effect.

Thanks, @mehrustad.

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