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The Kid Should See This

A time-lapse portrait of Lotte, 0 to 20 years in 5 minutes

Watch a baby grow into a 12-year-old in just 2.5 minutes. Filmmaker Frans Hofmeester recorded video of Lotte, his daughter, every week from birth until 12 years old, and it went viral quickly after it was linked on Reddit. In The Guardian, Hofmeester writes:

When Lotte was born, she was changing at such a rapid pace, and I was desperate to keep the memories intact. As any parent knows, the difference between a child at two days old and two months old is startling… This is the most photographed and filmed generation ever, but what are we actually doing with these pictures? They just sit in a file on the computer. I wanted to try and convey the essence of my children, of how they look to me…

One of the reasons that the project has had such an impact, I think, is because it’s very moving. People are touched by it because it conveys a feeling of the soul. They’ve written to me about their own children. The film makes you realise what life is about, in a direct way… It carries a message about living your life, and enjoying every moment of having your children with you.

2021 update: Hofmeester has continued to document his kids’ growth. He recorded his son Vince from birth to 18 years, and also shared this 2019 Portrait of Lotte: 0 to 20 years, an incredible time-lapse in 5 minutes.

Lotte at 20

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This video was posted 9 years ago.

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