For over a decade, Cassini has orbited around Saturn 294 times, collected more than 600 GB of data, visited over a dozen moons and discovered at least seven new ones. It has sent over 400,000 images back home.

Skunk Bear, NPR’s science video channel, has stitched together thousands of those photos to showcase some beautiful (and often weird) scenes from our solar system.

Follow Postcards from Saturn—a video that’s chock full of incredible discoveries from Cassini’s 13 years orbiting the ringed planet—with the story of the Cassini spacecraft’s deliberate disposal, a dive into the planet’s atmosphere that’s designed to protect any potentially habitable or prebiotic environments on Saturn’s moons: Cassini Burns Into Saturn, a grand finale to a 20 year mission.

Plus: Cassini’s Mission to Saturn in 100 Images.

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