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“Prefix or Suffix?” by The Bazillions

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Picture words as building blocks. A prefix is an extra block you attach at the beginning of a word to change its meaning or give it more detail, like adding a new bit of information. For instance, by adding “re-” to “build,” we get “rebuild”β€”to construct or assemble something again.

“Here’s a few prefixes just for you
anti, counter, extra, hyper, ultra, semi – just to name a few…”

Suffixes are blocks at the end of words. By adding “-ful” to “wonder,” we get “wonderful,” which means full of wonder or really great. Suffixes, like prefixes, alter the meaning of existing root words.


“Now that we know what suffixes do
ation, ary, able, ate, and ize will help you, too.
Like ful – eventful
ing – beginning
Ness – happiness, thoughtfulness, goodness, and kindness
Now that the word has changed
there will be something new for us to say.”

Learn about Prefixes and Suffixes with The Bazillions, a collection of educational music videos by singer-songwriters Adam and Kristin Marshall, and animators Eric Kreidler and Gretchen Blase Kreidler.

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