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The Kid Should See This

Professor Kokichi Sugihara creates his mind-blowing illusions with math

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Professor Kokichi Sugihara is world-renowned for his award-winning impossible objects and reality-defying illusions. He uses mathematics to make the three-dimensional objects that create his impossible scenes and illusions. Observe these ‘topology-disturbing’ objects, above, reflected with a mirror to show off their mind-blowing qualities.

The video below shows his series of Partly Invisible Objects. Like the first video, as the objects are turned, the visual tricks are revealed.

In this next video from Tokyo’s Meiji University, Sugihara demonstrates some of his most well-known creations, including his Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion, some of the pieces shown above, and a delightfully confusing deformable object: an arrow that seems to point in the same direction when you turn it.

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