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Traveling by water and wood on a steam-powered tricycle

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There have been steam cars, steam wagons, and steam trains throughout history, vehicles that are powered by steam engines. The vehicle in this wordless video is a steam-powered tricycle.

The homemade machine was built by Joel, the self-described “madman” and engineer who shares videos on his Professor Pardal Brasil YouTube channel.

traveling on a steam-powered tricycle
“Professor Pardal” creates from recycled materials. Though he’s worked on motorcycles for over two decades, he is largely self-taught in his new ventures, figuring out the engineering behind his inventions as he builds.

starting the fire
wood fire
Powered by heating river water with a wood fire in an old oil drum, this tricycle is loud and a bit fiddly, but it can also double as a meat smoker. He explains how it works in the highly-watched video below. Turn on closed-captioning for the translation from Portuguese.

Professor Pardal Brasil

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h/t The Awesomer.

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