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Pusheen Breads: A Documentary

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Learn about the majestic Baguette Pusheen, the stealthy Croissant Pusheen, and the purrrfect Pusheen Loaf in this commercial titled Pusheen Breads: A Documentary.

“Somewhere in this wondrous world thrives a most unique species: Pusheen Breads. Born in a hot climate, they tend to live in packs, fight for resources, and fit themselves snuggly into boxes. But where does this journey begin?”

The animated promo for Pusheen Bread plushies, narrated by voice actor SungWon Cho, expertly spoofs retro nature documentaries by highlighting the mysterious creatures’ imagined traits, behaviors, and adaptations.

baguette pusheen
croissant pusheen
Pusheen, the mischievous cartoon cat created by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff, made her internet debut in a 2010 comic strip on their website Everyday Cute. The feline’s name is derived from the Irish word puisín, meaning kitten, and was based on the couple’s gray short-haired tabby.

Pusheen quickly garnered a devoted online following through memes and gifs, and, after debuting in Facebook’s private messaging stickers in 2013, expanded into merchandising, including plush toys, stickers, books, crafts, clothing, accessories, and more.

pusheen breads
Find more animated shorts @PusheenTheCat on YouTube.

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