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Pythagora Equipment Academy: Rube Goldberg mini-mechanism tutorials

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Update: The videos have been removed, but you can glean a lot from these gifs.

Learn how to create your own PythagoraSwitch (Pitagora Suitchi) machine with things around your house. Pythagora Equipment Academy is an excellent series of mini-mechanism tutorial videos from Japan’s Pitagora Suitchi educational TV show. They demonstrate how to create small elements that can be connected to more complex chain reactions at home.

Pitagora Suitchi was created in 2002 to help foster unique ways of thinking in children. Short segments feature Pythagorean devices, the Japanese equivalent of Rube Goldberg machines.

Narrated in English, the Beginner Course-level gif above uses dominoes, tape, two pencils, and a clip to create a Time Lag Device. Just add a marble as shown.

The gif below is an intermediate level lesson that shares how to make an Allocated See Saw.

Time Lag Device
There doesn’t appear to be more than these two lessons available online. If you enjoy them, commit them to memory because Pitagora Suitchi videos are known for disappearing from the internet. (Alas, they’ve disappeared.)

I spy the Happinet PythagoraSwitch Pitagora Goal flag. Find it on Amazon Japan or make your own.

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