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Rainbow Dance (1936) by Len Lye

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New Zealand modernist Len Lye (1901-1980) was an experimental film pioneer and kinetic sculptor who pursued his multidisciplinary arts in London, New York, and across the South Pacific. The 1936 short film above, Rainbow Dance, was created in England with Gasparcolor, a German motion picture film system that used color layers.

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From the Len Lye Foundation:

“Lye filmed well-known dancer Rupert Doone in black and white, then added colours as the footage was developed and printed. He also added a variety of painted and stenciled patterns. Rainbow Dance is full of striking effects such as figures that leave behind a trail of coloured silhouettes as they move (like Duchamp’s painting β€œNude Descending a Staircase”).”

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“Tired of naturalism, Lye mixed live action with cartoon symbols, and combined positive and negative footage. The film was sponsored by the GPO Film Unit on the condition that Lye included an advertisement for the GPO Savings Bank.”

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