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Rebuilding a real T. Rex with scientific research & new tech

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Tyrannosaurus rex is probably the most famous extinct animal, but thanks to Hollywood and various out-of-date books, there are a lot of misconceptions out there about this incredible dinosaur. There is too much hype and not enough good science surrounding dinosaurs generally – and Tyrannosaurus in particular. A new BBC documentary, The Real T. rex with Chris Packham, has attempted to bring our knowledge of this iconic animal into the 21st century – not an easy task…

Read the above interview with naturalist Chris Packham and paleontologist Dave Hone in The Guardian after watching these two fascinating preview clips from the BBC documentary. Above, observe a bird of prey eating meat off a bone in What do a vulture and a T. rex share?

Below, see an incredible sight in Texas’ Dinosaur Valley State Park: Dinosaur tracks that help us follow the footsteps of a T. rex.

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