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Reconfigurable Ghostkube sculptures

Since we last saw Stockholm-based artist Erik Åberg’s Ghostkube project, he’s investigated the geometry, creativity, and organic qualities behind these interconnected cubes, building prototypes and exploring ways that they could be played with. The result: GHOSTKUBE, a sculpture inspired by moving origami. From his Kickstarter:

“I was searching for a precise, and organic life-like movement like a school of fish or a flock of birds. There is something in human beings that when we see that kind of movement in nature, we’re drawn to it. I think we intuitively look for it.”

These cubes are connected by almost invisible hinges, allowing them to fluidly change their three-dimensional structures. To create different designs, “you simply take it apart and build a different one using the exact same pieces.”

Follow this project with these: An origami-inspired model for reconfigurable materials, Magnet-connected pyramids that transform into different shapes, and the Amazing Moving Cube, a DIY project.

Bonus: An accidental toy inventor’s shapeshifting designs.

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