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Recycle cardboard into anything with 3D printing, an XYZAidan demonstration

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“Paper is an incredible material, but why does it always have to be flat?” This was the question that got XYZAidan exploring papermaking and 3D-printed cardboard molds that can turn paper into three-dimensional objects.

In this demonstration video, Recycle Cardboard into Anything with 3D Printing, XYZAidan shares how to turn cardboard pulp mixed with biodegradable rice paste binder into simple cubes, coasters, trays, a desk organizer… even a topographic map.

3 piece mold
He also shares his 3D-printed, three-part mold designs on Thingiverse. And here’s the rice paste binder recipe:

How to Make Rice Paste:
1. Take some pre-cooked white rice (short-grain or long-grain)
2. Simmer it with water and mash it with a whisk until its homogenous
3. Since you don’t need a lot of paste to recycle paper, you can preserve extra paste by adding some clove oil and refrigerating.

I put a ton of work into this project and video, and I hope it shows. My biggest hope is that this project inspires people and makers to explore new uses for our everyday waste materials and find new substitutes for plastic. I’ve only scratched the surface of this topic, so by sharing my work, I hope I pave the way for others to continue it. If this project has inspired you in some way, please share your ideas and keep the cycle going.

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