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Reflections from Uyuni –  Water across the world’s largest salt flat

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Reflections from Uyuni, a collection of surreal scenes from Bolivia, South America that showcase the Salar de Uyuni. At 10,000 km2 (just under 4,000 square miles), it’s the world’s largest salt flat.

The reflections produced by the water flooding the area in the rainy season, are the main protagonist of Enrique Pacheco´s camera, who invites us to dream with impossible images from another world, where the sky meets the earth forming an infinite mirage.

It looks like a brilliantly peaceful and pristine landscape — check it out from above — so it was fascinating to read a few behind the scenes details at fstoppers, including a note about the salt’s ubiquity:

“No matter how much you clean your equipment, how careful you are changing the lenses, there was salt everywhere,” Pacheco reflected, “[I] never had [this] much work in After Effects cleaning dust in [the] last four years shooting time-lapse.”

In the archives: Bolivia’s urban cable car, the longest and highest in the world, Motoi Yamamoto’s intricate, temporary salt installations, and more landscapes, including Norway, A Time-Lapse Adventure.

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