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Rescuing a tiny, orphaned, newborn two-toed sloth

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At the Sloth Institute, a non-profit organization in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, primatologist and Institute co-founder Sam Trull is quick to come to the rescue of sloths in need. In this clip from the series Nature’s Miracle Orphans from BBC Earth and PBS Nature, she rushes to help a newly found newborn two-toed sloth, the tiniest one she’s ever cared for.

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Growing up in the wild is hard enough on young animals when they have parents to rely on for protection and guidance, but what happens when they lose their parents? How do they survive? Over the past few years, great strides have been made in understanding how to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned wildlife. But as the documentary shows, success often comes down to the efforts of individuals at animal rescue centers around the world who devote their lives to saving these vulnerable creatures, getting them back on their feet and, hopefully, releasing them back into the wild.

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