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Rescuing orphan baby elephant Olorien, a Sheldrick Wildlife Trust video

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In early June 2020, Masai herdsmen reported a lone calf that was trying to follow their grazing cattle. Rangers from Elephant Aware also spotted the young elephant in the Siana area of the Masai Mara, and reported her presence to the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS). The decision was made to wait and see if she would be absorbed back into a herd. However, several days passed and while a number of herds came and went, she was left behind despite her plaintive cries.

With the young baby elephant on her own and rapidly declining in health, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust team moved quickly to go recover her by plane.

This video shares the story of Olorien’s rescue and gradual integration into the elephant community at the Trust’s protected sanctuary for orphan elephants. The celebrated charity has worked for the conservation of elephants and the highly endangered Black Rhino since 1977.

rescueing olorien
acceptance into the herd
Olorien, meaning “place of the olive trees,” was named for the area in which she was found. Learn more about Olorien at Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

feeding olorien a bottle of milk
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