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Toy Car Restoration: A No67 Volkswagen 1600 TL and a 1971 Bye-Focal

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When old metal toy cars see lots of play time they can get pretty chipped and scratched up. How do hobbyists restore these gems? YouTuber BaremetalHW shares his 2017 restoration of a London-made Lesney Products‘ Matchbox toy car—a No67 Volkswagen 1600 TL—returning it to its original state.

baremetalhw volkswagon matchbox toy restoration
baremetalhw volkswagon matchbox toy restoration
Here’s another restoration from his channel: An Extreme Redline Restoration of a Hot Wheels 1971 Bye-Focal.

The guide he refers to in the video is the Hot Wheels the Ultimate Redline Guide: Identification and Values 1968-1977, Second Edition, which shows car photos, their collector values, and details about each model. This may or may not be a less expensive version.

baremetalhw 1971 bye focal hotwheels toy car restoration
baremetalhw 1971 bye focal hotwheels toy car restoration
Follow these restoration videos with a video of how Matchbox cars were made in London in the 1960s. Plus: More Hot Wheels toy cars, more restoration videos, more videos about toys, and Metropolis II at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

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