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A robot pig meets the swimming pigs of the Bahamas

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On an island nestled in the Bahamas, a lively group of wild pigs has made the sandy beaches their home. Known for their sociable demeanor and intelligenceβ€”studies have found that they’re smarter than dogsβ€”these pigs enjoy daily swims in the region’s crystal-clear waters.

Why not send a swimming robot Spy Pig into their midst to learn more about their lives?

the swimming pigs of the bahamas
In this video from the wildlife filmmakers at John Downer Productions, a Spy Pig joins the sounder to see what it’s like to take a daily dip in the ocean with swimming pigs.

David Tennant narrates this clip from Spy in the Ocean:

“Pigs were brought to the island in the 50’s, surviving on crabs and berries or whatever else they could find. As numbers grew, they looked to the ocean for a meal.

“Tourism brought new opportunities. Each day, boats bringing food would visit them, until the sound of outboards became their dinner bell. As word got around, more boats arrived until the pigs’ daily excursions became a way of life. A banquet for all.”

swimming with seagulls above
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Bonus: Baby Mangalica pigs are birthed in the forest.

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