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Robotic Loop: Train vs. Robot

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Mechanical engineering student Christian Schürch programmed a FANUC M-2iA/3S robot to assemble and disassemble two tracks for a traveling toy train. Schürch constructed gripper fingers for the school project, as well. Watch as the robotic arm moves just ahead of the circling train, keeping it on track. Schürch writes:

The gripper stops over the train to detect its current position. It does that with a reed switch on the gripper, which closes when too close to the magnet attached to the train. Basically the robot moves along a circular path while continuously waiting for the switch to close. When that happens it interrupts its current movement (skip function) to evaluate it’s current position and set the speed for its next movement…

The project will be exhibited at the Luga Trade Fair in Lucerne, Switzerland from April 28 to May 7, 2017, or see it looping here in silence for ten minutes:

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via @paleofuture/reddit.

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