The Kid Should See This

Sesame Street’s Number 3 Ball Film

Sometimes called Rollercoaster 1,2,3 or Rolling Ball Number 3, Red Ball Number 3 is a classic Sesame Street video featuring “an electronic, carnival-like soundtrack that follows a small, red ball as it rolls throughout a toy roller coaster.” The ending, a 1974 reshoot of the original 1970 ending, puts cherries on top of three ice cream sundaes. Jim Henson‘s daughter Heather Henson makes a cameo.

bouncing ball
This film fits into so many of our favorite ball adventure, chain reaction, and Rube Goldberg-style films, including Red Ball Adventure on a pegboard wall, Biisuke Ball’s Big Adventure, and Tom Harold’s Rolling Ball Sculptures.

Bonus classic: Pinball Countdown.

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