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Microscope video of a Limnias melicerta (a rotifer)

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Wired Science has an incredible gallery of the Best Microscope Videos of 2012, via Nikon’s video competition. We have a few favorites: This is a Bay Scallop Limnias melicerta. Those blue things are tiny eyes. The video shows a Limnias melicerta (a rotifer) at 200x:Β 

This microanimal lives in a self-built tube attached to waterplants. We see the rotifer using fast moving cilia to create a vortex. This enables it to sweep in food particles like algae. Inside the organism we can also see a jaw-like structures that grind the food.

Also from the competition, a beating heart display of a Danio rerio (zebrafish).

Check out another rotifer and more microscopic views in the archives.

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