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Sea Chair: Making a stool from plastic debris found in the open sea

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Collecting plastic on the open sea and then making a small seat with it, all done from a fishing boat: Sea Chair, a project by Studio Swine and filmmaker Juriaan Booij, via Atlantic Video:

When plastic debris breaks down in the open sea, it can get trapped in large water currents known as gyres. Over time, those small bits of trash collect within gyres to form “garbage patches,” which pose a serious threat to marine ecosystems…

This September, an art project inspired by that threat will sail from the United Kingdom to the Canary Islands on a mission to collect usable plastic, melt it down, and transform it into furniture. The voyage won’t have a discernible effect on marine pollution, but nonetheless, it represents a creative approach to a serious environmental issue.

Studio Swine shares their blueprints here. In the archives, more projects from plastic: One Plastic Beach, turning scraps into soccer balls for village children, and Moser Lamps.

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