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Jartopia creates a lake ecosphere in a sealed jar

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Isopods live on land, in the sea, and in freshwater environments like lakes. In this Jartopia ecosphere video, aquatic isopods explore their enclosed habitat.

“The ecosystem also contains 2 different species of planaria. The first planaria are smaller, brownish grey and hunt worms and protozoans. The second species of planaria is known as the Milk-white Planaria (Dendrocoelum lacteum). I am very familiar with the Milk-white planaria as it is my favourite species of flatworm. They are much larger than other planarians. Instead of hunting worms or protozoans this species hunts invertebrates and aquatic insects.”

milk-white flatworm

“I was very happy to be able to film this species hunting for my subscribers to watch. I’m uncertain if the isopod population will be able to coexist with such a large predator, but I am hopeful for the future.”

lake ecosphere in a jar
Jartopia cares for a variety of sealed jar ecospheres to observe how they thrive, change, and find their balance over many years.

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