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Secrets Of The Snowy Owl

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Follow the migration path of Baltimore, a young male snowy owl outfitted with a GPS transmitter backpack for a research project called Project Snowstorm.

Project Snowstorm’s researchers are following the owls by their flight data to learn more about how they live, travel, and eat in the winter, as well as to study their irruptions: unpredictable en masse migrations that extend “much farther south, and in vastly greater numbers, than usual”… and the latitude, longitude and altitude data is close to exact, often down to the tree, fence, or skyscraper.

In Secrets Of The Snowy Owl from Skunk Bear, NPR’s Adam Cole tracks Baltimore’s stops from a beach in Maryland, to New Jersey, to New York City, to Amherst Island in Canada. Can Baltimore be spotted?

There’s more about migration and more about snowy owls on this site, including Snowy Owl Invasion and Imping an injured owl’s wing to make it stronger.

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