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Seven kinetic sculptures made with LEGO

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These seven kinetic sculptures were made with LEGO by the Brick Experiment Channel. Six of the seven are powered by a motor and all were based on the work of other creators, as noted below.

Zylo is based on a wooden kinetic sculpture by David C. Roy. Hyperboloid Spinner is by diamabolo.”

Hyperboloid Spinner

“Contra-Rotating Beams idea is from diamabolo, but I used unmodified Lego gears, whereas the original had a hole drilled into a 40-tooth gear. Tower Curves idea is from aeh5040, but I used different waves and gearing.”

Tower Curves

“Driving Ring idea is from Yoshihito ISOGAWA‘s ‘Cycling‘, but I used a big droid wheel.

“Hoberman Linkage is by diamabolo. Wave Machine is by diamabolo with a few modifications.”

Hoberman linkage
A Hoberman linkage is an expanding/contracting scissor-like mechanism that’s found in the Hoberman Sphere by Chuck Hoberman. Watch that next.

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