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Seven spectacular moths filmed taking off at 6,000 fps

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“I think all of science boils down to trying to do things in order to see and appreciate the world in a new way,” explains Dr. Adrian Smith.

“Most of the time that means doing experiments, gathering data, and testing hypotheses. But sometimes I think the most useful thing I can do as a scientist is to point the fancy science cameras at some moths flapping their wings in front of a purple backdrop.

I mean, who’s day isn’t going to be better after watching a pink and yellow rosy maple moth flying in super slow motion?

Watch this muppet-like rosy maple moth, along with a polyphemus moth, a dark marathyssa, a bright white Virginian tiger moth, a camouflaging beautiful wood-nymph, a white-dotted prominent, and a blinded sphinx, in this wonderful AntLab video.

rosy maple moth
The moths’ take-offs were narrated and filmed at 6,000 fps by Smith of North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and North Carolina State University.

“All the moths in this video were collected and filmed in Cornish, NH between July 12 – 16. All moths were released after filming.”

Virginian tiger moth
polyphemus moth

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