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How do you shear a huge Valais Blacknose ram?

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On a YouTube channel completely dedicated to sheep shearing, Ayrshire, Scotland-based sheep farmer Cammy Wilson travels from farm to farm to shear different breeds of sheep. This video features a handsome Valais Blacknose ram at Ayrshire Valais Blacknose Farm, one of the biggest Valais Blacknose sheep flocks in Scotland.

The ram’s name: North Kilduff George.

“Now, normally, shearing a ram would take me between three and four minutes, however, this big boy will take closer to eight minutes to shear. There is so much wool on these Valais Blacknose sheep, on their legs, on their head, and even around their gentleman parts.”

And yet Wilson makes it look easy… except for that first task of picking up the massive ram and flipping him over into a sitting position.

Cammy Wilson shears George
More about the breed from The Valais Blacknose Society:

“The Blacknose sheep originates from the Valais canton of Switzerland. Native to the Upper Valais region, the Blacknose graze in the Alps in the summer months June-September. Though housed through the winter, the Blacknose is a sturdy breed which is well adapted to the harsh conditions of the mountains, which can be endured even in the summer months.

“There is evidence that the Blacknose has existed since the 15th century, however they have changed greatly in appearance over the years and once resembled the likes of a Scottish Blackface. Over time, characteristics have evolved to the majestic sheep we see today.”

Cammy Wilson introduces George the Valais Blacknose ram
See more of Wilson and his work at Shearing Season and The Sheep Game on YouTube, and at The Sheep Game on Instagram.

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