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The Sibling Distractor

What’s Pearl’s problem? Her little sister Vida makes a terrible mess when she’s in Pearl’s room. What if there is a way to distract Vida from coming into the room in the first place?

Ramps, pullies, a toy train, fart spray, and a chocolate bar that looks like poop all come to the rescue in this episode of What’s Your Problem? Inventor team Joseph Herscher, Mikayla Stokes, and Brett Doar create a few Rube Goldberg-style contraptions to help distract Vida. Herscher tests them on his little friend Wiremu, and Stokes tests some stinky odors for science!

Will these ideas properly sidetrack or discourage a younger sibling like Vida from mischief?

wiremu tries to get the cake
bad smell tests
chocolate bar poop
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