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MekaMon, an educational robot by engineer Silas Adekunle

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MekaMon (Mechanical Monster), the world’s first intelligent gaming robot, was invented in 2016 by Nigerian–British robotics engineer and tech entrepreneur Silas Adekunle. In this episode of Engineers Making a Difference, he demonstrates how the bot and programming software work. His mission: Get young people into robotics with real world robots that entertain, inspire, and educate in the classroom and at home.

playing with the robot
The video is hosted by mechanical engineer Dr Shini Somara, and is one in a series that complements her book Engineers Making a Difference.

In the second part of the visit, Adekunle gives Somara a tour of the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, where swarm bots, drones, and other projects can thrive within a community of academics, researchers, and professionals in the field.

programming the robot
Learn more about Silas Adekunle’s projects at MekaMon and Awarri, his 2019-founded venture dedicated to expanding access to frontier technology in Africa.

Plus, watch more from Dr Shini Somara on YouTube.

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