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Silly Squirrels: “Flipping, zipping, rolling, and going nuts for no good reason”

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In 2014, squirrel enthusiast Carl Wilkinson shared a video compilation of some very playful (and possibly itchy) squirrels in his backyard, a fitting piece of content for his site There, he wrote:

“This is something they often do. The squirrels will be just relaxing, wandering around the yard care free, then suddenly out of the blue just start rolling, flipping, running in zig zags, and jumping around for no apparent reason. Maybe they have a sudden intense itch they can’t quite scratch, or maybe they are just having some spontaneous fun. Either way, its pretty hard to catch on camera because its so unpredictable, and they usually just do it for a few seconds at a time. By the time you can grab the camera its usually too late. Nevertheless, I caught some of their crazy antics on video, and made this musical compilation. It starts out slow but ramps, up when the music kicks in, leading up to a hilarious finale.”

The video is set to Jacques Offenbach‘s 1850’s era Galop infernal composition from Orphée aux enfers, colloquially named the Can Can Song.

flipping squirrel
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