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Six machine puzzles: Can you predict what will happen?

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Observe these Rube Goldberg-style chain reaction setups before they’re set in motion. Imagining how the machine will run. What will happen? Which Door Will The Ball Hit? Can you predict correctly for all six?

Joseph Herscher of Joseph’s Machines created these six machine puzzles and they’re definitely our new favorite thing. You’ll have 15 seconds at the beginning of each to make your prediction, or hit pause for more time.

which door?
which crater?
Herscher attributes his puzzle-door concept inspiration to Japanese television’s Pitagora Suitchi. We’re fans, too.

The Kid Should See This is also a proud supporter of Joseph Herscher’s Patreon. Join us in supporting his excellent work, including these fun and awe-inspiring videos:
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Bonus: Science Extras from Jiwi’s (Rube Goldberg) Machines.

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