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The Kid Should See This

Skateboard tricks in slow motion

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Watch skateboarder Christopher Chann in this slow motion skateboard trick footage shot by videographer Adam Shomsky during a six hour skate session in Los Angeles. Chann’s trick list:

Switch late hardflip
Bigspin dolphin flip
Switch laser flip
Bigger spin kickflip
Dolphin double flip (or double dolphin flip)
Switch fronstide bigspin heelflip (AKA sw fs big heel)
Nollie late kickflip (AKA nollie front foot kickflip)
Switch frontside 360 ollie revert (or switch frontside 540)
Bigspin dolphin double flip
Switch inward heelflip revert
Switch frontside 360 heelflip
Switch frontside gazelle heelflip

Shomsky also shot this vid of flat ground tricks that went viral in 2012:

In the archives: Robbyn Magby: 720 double kickflip in slow motion, another vid by Shomsky, plus defying gravity with a skateboard and empowering kids with Ethio Skate.

h/t Kottke.

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