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Skittles candy dissolves into rainbows

Science + candy = rainbows! Check out this classic and colorful trick as the artificial candy colors dissolve into hot water-fueled PGYOR stripes. YouTuber Dexter See tried it with awesome results. Here’s how:

Simple DIY rainbow magic with Skittles candies. Form a circle with Skittles on a plate (colours should be in repeated order, preferably according to colours of the rainbow e.g. purple, green, yellow, orange, red), then pour hot water over them. Wait for the magic to unfold right in front of your eyes!

Create your own designs and experiments, and if you like your results or if it doesn’t work out the first, second, or third time, send us a photo or vid on Twitter or on Facebook

skittles dissolves
Related reading: Melting vs dissolving:

Melting and freezing of materials is dependent on their temperature. When something melts the liquid is the same substance as the solid. Not all solids melt on heating (they may burn or decompose).

When something dissolves an additional substance (the solvent) is needed. Dissolving can involve chemical changes (for example, antacid tablets mixing with water or metal dissolving in acid).

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via @DIY.

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