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The Kid Should See This

Skyscraper, a giant found-plastic whale breaches in a Bruges canal

In collaboration with the Hawaii Wildlife Fund and the Surfrider Foundation, Jason Klimoski and Lesley Chang of the Brooklyn-based architecture and design firm STUDIOKCA created Skyscraper, a four-story-high breaching whale made from five tons of ocean plastic. Installed in a Bruges canal for the 2018 Bruges Triennial, the piece was designed “to call attention to the other 149,999,995 tons of plastic waste still swimming out there.” Klimoski explains in the video:

“Right now there is 150 million tons of plastic swimming in the ocean, our oceans, the oceans we share. Pound for pound that is more plastic waste swimming in the ocean than there is whales. So an opportunity like this to show the type of plastic and the amount of plastic that ends up in our oceans is really important.”

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via Colossal.

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