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Slicing Three Dimensional Figures

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Cylinders, cones, cubes, rectangular pyramids, polygons, right rectangular cones, right rectangular pyramids. When you slice through these three dimensional shapes, what two-dimensional shapes are revealed? It depends on how you slice it.

“If you cut through a cylinder with a geometric plane parallel to the cylinder’s base,” Planet Nutshell explains in the geometry video above, “the two-dimensional cross-section is a circle…”

slicing a cylinder across

“When you slice a cylinder from top to bottom that is perpendicular to its base, then look at the cross-section straight on, you get a rectangle. What happens when you slice a square pyramid?

“Remember you’re slicing a solid three-dimensional figure with a geometric plane. You can slice in any direction, just keep in mind that shapes can look different when you look at them from different angles, so orient the cross-section on the geometric plane.”

Cambridge, Massachusetts-based creative studio Planet Nutshell has an entire series of Math Shorts, produced in collaboration with Kentucky Educational Television, Utah Education Network, and WGBH Boston. Find their animated math videos in this playlist on YouTube.

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