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How Loud is a Slithering Snail?

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When it’s completely silent, can you hear the tiny footsteps of a centipede? Can you hear a snail eat? Can you hear a maggot wriggle?

In series 6 of Bang Goes The Theory, the BBC‘sΒ Jem Stansfield sets up in a sound proof room to record a few amazingly quiet creatures.

Fun fact: a snail is a mollusk, and there areΒ over 100,000 identified kindsΒ including snails, slugs, clams, oysters, squids, and octopuses. If you study mollusks, you’re a malacologist. If you study sound (and vibrations and other related subjects), you’re anΒ acoustician.

listen to a wriggling maggot
listening to a snail eat

There are more videos with great sounds in the archives.Β 

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