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Conductive thread lights up creative scenes in this Japanese commercial

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Smart-X conductive thread visualizes how we are all connected with Connecting Thoughts, a promotional video for Japanese infrastructure company Kandenko. Felt fabric scenes and creatively-stitched gloves light up as hands connect the electricity-carrying elements. It’s set to music by YeYe, with vocals by Kei Iwasaki.


When various forms are created on the felt fabric stage with a special conductive thread Smart-X, the light will light up as electricity passes through the conducting yarn, and the street and people’s connection will be drawn up with a unique mechanism.

Kandenko’s corporate message of “Everyone Lights up the Future” and corporate activities that not only connect electricity but also connect people and the future through various social contribution activities are expressed in a world view that combines technology using conductive threads and art expressed by threads.

conductive thread connecting
conductive thread

The creative short is reminiscent of the company’s 2016 AgIC conductive ink marker promotional video with a similar theme: 光を灯す/future with bright lights. Watch that next.

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